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Leveraging Virtual Assistants: Best Practices

Posted by Sherry H. Rodriguez | Jun 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

Business owners are extremely busy. From goal-setting, strategizing, and networking to standard, everyday tasks like responding to emails, phone calls, and paying bills online…it can be overwhelming and all-consuming.

It's no wonder why most business owners employ an assistant to offload and outsource many of these tasks to free up their time and schedule to focus on what matters most - their business and how that impacts their clients, customers, or consumers.

Further, with the rise in remote work, part-time or full-time virtual assistants (VAs) have been a crucial way for businesses and business owners to supercharge their business. 

Let's discuss four best practices you can use to ensure you are maximizing your virtual assistants' skills and assets.

1. Choosing The Right VA

Leveraging a VA starts with hiring the right one.

Be specific in the criteria, job description, and list of tasks that you want that individual to perform. Establishing clear standards upfront will ensure you find someone with the right skills, qualifications, and background.

Plus, you will likely discover there may be even more tasks your candidate can take on. 

2. Outsource, Outsource, Outsource

One of the biggest benefits of virtual assistants is the ability to outsource. 

This typically includes administrative duties such as responding to emails, calendar management, and task coordination. It can also include bookkeeping, social media content creation, and even booking your travel arrangements.

VAs are qualified individuals with an expansive list of skills making them adept at handling a variety of tasks. While it can feel scary to “let go” of some of your business, you'll gain back so much time and energy by doing so. 

3. Determine A Method and Schedule for Communication

Now that you've determined the tasks and duties you want to outsource, it's time to determine the method and schedule for communication.

Will you check-in daily, weekly, or every monthly? Do you want your VA to email, text, or call you? How do you want them to communicate with clients and schedule appointments?

While there is no end all, be all “best” way to communicate, there is a best way for you and your needs. Work with your VA to find the process and solutions that will work best for you both. 

4. Review and Provide Feedback

Just because a VA is virtual doesn't mean you should treat them any differently than other employees/independent contractors. You should still be regularly reviewing them, their work, and providing constructive feedback.

And though it might feel like you are investing even more time and energy into delegating and instructing them on the tasks, we can assure you that your efforts will pay off. Especially as your VA becomes more familiar with your expectations, needs, and schedule. 

By routinely checking in with their work and providing consistent and helpful feedback, your VA will be able to take on the tasks you assign, implement your suggestions, and ultimately, enable you to reclaim your time.

Like any employee, leveraging and maximizing a VA's contribution to you and your business requires both parties' commitment and dedication.

And ultimately, it starts by you, the business owner, setting clear expectations, procedures, and providing feedback as needed. Only then can your VA know how to best help you. 

R&R Legal is no stranger to implementing multiple VAs into our business structure. And we've made it our mission to guide and help business owners do that and so much more. You shouldn't have to do business alone. Contact us today for a consultation and we'll help you find ways to reclaim your time and energy. 

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