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Business Contracts & Transactions

Whether or not you realize it, you and your business make contracts and transactions all the time - from how much you charge your clients for a particular service or where you and your colleague decide to go to lunch that day.  A contract is simply an agreement (more often a series of agreements) between two or more parties where one party promises something in return for something of acceptable value from the other party(ies).  Whether it's legally enforceable is a lot more complicated, but you get the picture.

Businesses have traditionally used contracts to make sure one party doesn't take unfair advantage of the other - such as unilaterally raising or lowering prices, adding conditions before delivering what was promised, or changing agreed upon dates.  While that approach may make sense in a lot of situations, it doesn't take into account the nature of the business or the relationship of the parties involved.

R&R Legal believes that the ideal contract contemplates the the mutual goals of the parties involved and sets up the framework to keep the parties' expectations and interests aligned for the long haul, including what will happen when the parties want to part ways.  This holds true for client services agreements, leases, buy-sell agreements, and partnership agreements - just to name a few.

By using clear contracts that set up appropriate boundaries and effectively manages expectations, your business will not only be protected from the unknown but will set up for success and growth.

We can help by reviewing your existing contracts or drafting new ones that are customized for your needs.  If you have undocumented agreements (i.e., handshake deals), we will help you understand your exposure and opportunities to create a firmer foundation for your business to build upon.

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