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Sherry H. Rodriguez

Sherry Rodriguez is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of R&R Legal.  She leads the firm's mission to empower business owners to take control of their life and legacy with clarity and intention.  Her practice includes strategic business counsel and estate planning in New Jersey and New York.

Growing up as a Taiwanese American in a non-diverse community in Ohio, she learned early on the need for advocacy – both on the community and individual level – and the importance of understanding the issues from different perspectives.  Advocacy usually requires navigating cultural, generational, and gender dynamics, and being able to ask the right questions often is the difference between success and failure.  From taking on various roles in different types of organizations to participating in cross-cultural service and mission trips, Sherry actively seeks experiences to better understand different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.  As an attorney, she is passionate about helping others through understanding what they want and how to use tools and resources to achieve those goals.

Sherry graduated from Fordham Law School in 2013 and established the Firm in March 2021.  Prior to R&R Legal, she served as the Freedom on Information Law Counsel and then as Senior Policy Advisor for Labor and Workforce in the New York Governor's Office.  In those roles, she conducted research, prepared legal memoranda, responded to requests for public records received by the New York Governor's Office, developed policy initiatives including New York's Paid Family Leave, and advised on legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures related to labor and workforce.  Sherry has over 15 years of experience in operations and administration, ranging from front- and back-office logistics to executive management and board governance.  She also has nonprofit experience, writing grants and running a mentoring and tutoring program for Asian American youth in Central Ohio.

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