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Consider Non-traditional Work Schedules in Your Business

Posted by Sherry H. Rodriguez | Jul 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the workplace as employers and business owners were forced to implement new strategies for running their operations remotely.

Now, as the pandemic is mostly behind us, many businesses and employees alike are opting to stay remote and forgoing the traditional nine-to-five workday model. 

Instead, they are rethinking their work schedules and finding better ways to achieve work-life integration such as offering fully remote or hybrid work options and alternatives to the Monday to Friday daytime schedule.

If you, or your business, are curious about finding more work-life integration for you and your employees, ask yourself the following four questions.

Question 1 - How does your current scheduling affect employee effectiveness, productivity, and well-being?

Standard and nonstandard work schedules (i.e. rotating shifts, night work, flexible time) affect an individual's absenteeism, turnover, job satisfaction, and job performance in distinct and different ways. 

And, as no two individuals are the same, each individual will have different preferences and outcomes based on those preferences. For example, one employee may prefer the night shift because they need to take care of their family during the day. While another employee may find themselves unproductive at night and prefer traditional working hours to ensure they meet all their metrics. 

Employers should also consider giving employees more control over when they work, such as working more hours per day leading to fewer days per week, which has resulted in more positive attitudes, well-being, and free-time for employees. 

While you can't make everyone happy, engage in a conversation with your team and see what work-life schedule they would prefer to have. Knowledge is power and you will never know if your team is unsatisfied without starting a dialogue and discussion.

Question 2 - Can you accommodate a better work schedule to meet the needs, desires, and personalities of your team?

Now that you've heard from your team, it's time to think about how can you meet their needs while still effectively running your business.

You can't please everyone, but further accommodating your team and their needs will show you care and instill employee loyalty and job satisfaction.

Send out surveys or schedule regular check-ins with team members to see if their new schedule is working for them and your business and adjust accordingly. 

Question 3 - What are the pros and cons of customized schedules?

As we've mentioned, allowing individuals to have more control over when they work can lead to greater productivity and well-being. But, this degree of job crafting, can create challenges, especially if you are used to a more traditional, nine-to-five business model.

Additional pros and cons include:

  • Pros
    • Increased health
    • Better relationships
    • Better career opportunities 
  • Cons
    • Difficulty meeting work demands
    • Potential financial loss - especially during the transition

Question 4 - Can I balance the needs and desires of my team and my business?

Businesses need to keep their literal, and figurative, doors open, which means you won't be able to meet every demand or request. But, it also doesn't mean you need to succumb to the go-go-go, working 24/7, 365 days a year mentality either.

Volatile work schedules are just as dangerous as too flexible and lax work schedules.

Business owners can ease into this practice by making small changes and assessing the results of those changes. For instance, if your business was fully remote during the pandemic, and saw no diminishing returns, then there is little risk in harm in continuing to allow your team to work remotely.  

What works for one business may not work for another. And it will be up to you to do your research, engage in conversations, and determine best practices to set yourself up for success. 

And thankfully, we're here to help and guide you through this process and more. 

At R&R Legal, we use our own personal experience to help you brainstorm ways to take you and your business to the next level. We will make sure you are always protected legally and make strides towards your goals and work-life integration.   

Set up a consultation with us to get started!

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