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Richard M. Muglia

Richard Muglia is a Senior Associate at R&R Legal.  He is a seasoned legal professional with over 11 years of distinguished service at the Micklin Law Group, specializing in high-conflict divorces and intricate custody matters. With a wealth of experience in family law, Richard is now embarking on an exciting transition into the realm of civil litigation for businesses.

 Having successfully navigated the complexities of family law, Richard brings a unique perspective and a robust skill set to the world of business litigation. As a dedicated divorce attorney, Richard honed the art of strategic advocacy, negotiation, and meticulous attention to detail – skills now seamlessly integrated into the arena of civil litigation.

Fueled by a passion for justice and a commitment to excellence, Richard is ready to leverage years of legal expertise to tackle complex business disputes. Whether it's contract disputes, employment issues, or corporate litigation, Richard stands as a reliable ally, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to your legal challenges.

Beyond the courtroom, Richard is deeply rooted in family values, mirroring a personal commitment to familial bonds. As a devoted husband and father of two sons, Richard understands the importance of compassion and empathy in legal proceedings, bringing a unique perspective to each case.

Richard attended Kean University, where he graduated with honors (summa cum laude), and received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. He then went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from Delaware Law School. He is currently admitted to practice in New Jersey.

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